First date of Role Models REUNION TOUR! FRIDAY AUGUST 19th The Black Heart!

Shows are in remembrance and in honour of our brother Roger Segal Proceeds will be sent to his mom to help going forward... and to let his family know how much he was loved here!

We met in this musician’s life and we will sing his name NICE AND LOUD!

The Empty Page and Billy Liar! What a lineup... everyone on that stage loved him a lot... and there will be guests!

And in that spirit we just got word on an incredible band joining us in London only ... THIS IS KILLER! The City Kids!!! We are gonna tear it up... for you... for him... for us...

And it’s good to have the gang back together

Hard Drive Festival 2022

The Victoria Bikers Pub, Whitwick Rd, Coalville


It’s back once again the little festival with the big heart , as always a very mixed line up of bands throughout the uk coming together to entertain you !

Bands confirmed so far

Zero tolerance Urania The City kids Brash Bullets Sprained Fighting in Someones house Proud city fathers System of hate Planet fatale Scarsun King crows The eddies The lengthmen Oceans apart V.N.D Falling from ruin Sprainer Drop dead rose red Elkapath SchemataTheory

HRH Road Trip

The Bikers Ball, Ibiza

Last time, We Came, Felt It, Seen It, Heard It, conquered it, Next Year we do it all again in true HRH style, full of our HRH family shenanigans which will hopefully go some way to leave this awful year behind us..

Best leather speedos n bikini’s ready, n hold on tight