Filth : Review - Backseat Mafia

To say that The City Kids have had a good couple of years is taking understatement to the very extreme; their first album – a lock-down project recorded before half the band had even been in a room together, and…

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Filth : Review - CGCM Rock Radio

Despite some dark themes, there is a lot of light in Filth, albeit the kind you 
see out of the slit of your eyelids waking up after a night on Sunset Strip, but it’s 
there, encrusted in the punk rock…

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Filth : Press Release



What is inspiration, exactly? You might want to ask JJ Watt, frontman of hard rocking stalwarts The City Kids. As with a lot of bands that formed before the…

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Live @ The Blackheart, Camden 2022

The City Kids are an irreprehensible bunch of reprobates producing guttural trashy rock n roll. Displaying their trademark punk rock sensibilities matched with gruff vocals and the occasional heavy metal guitars, the City Kids soon have the crowd joining in…

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City Kids EP - Review 3

The City Kids are a band that deserves your attention. The band is made up of four rock’n’roll renegades with a penchant for creating down and out sleazy rock music.

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City Kids EP - Review 2

THE CITY KIDS drops a “Bastard” of an E.P and shoves Motorhead’s timeless R’N’ R back into the spotlight.

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City Kids EP - Review

The City Kids Motörhead tribute is exactly how rock n' roll is meant to sound; loud, obnoxious, gritty, dangerous, and like it's permanently one dirty glance away from getting glassed in the back of the bar. It's perfect.

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Live @ HRH Sleaze 2021 Review

Any band that uses Twisted Sister’s ‘The Kids Are Back’ as their intro is sure to garner my attention and that is exactly what The City Kids did and got. As the intro tape came to a conclusion a crunching…

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Things That Never Were - Review

THE CITY KIDS are alright 

Anyone who knows the mean streets of the Scottish town of Dundee should be wary of angry-looking men in biker leathers.  The City Kids are around and mean business.  Killer music is their business and…

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