“This is exactly how rock n' roll is meant to sound; loud, obnoxious, gritty, dangerous, and like it's permanently one   
dirty glance away from getting glassed in the back of the bar. It's perfect.”
Alex Holmes, Backseat mafia  

“THE CITY KIDS are irrepressible, uncontrollable and lovable rogues, who dish out songs of unrefined originality.   
It’s street punk with a dash of ‘Wildhearts’ trash rock and the combination is superb.”
DeeDee, Rock Media UK 

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About The City Kids

The City Kids - forged from Northern grit and Danish flair, a bunch of ragtag, rock n’ roll reprobates, part punk, part sleazy gutter-trash dirt. With a blend of crushing power-chords, gruff vocals, incendiary lead- playing, and pop-focussed harmonies to die for, The City  
Kids will set up home in your head and refuse to ever leave again.  

John JJ Watt – Vocals and Guitar  
Dennis Post – Guitar and Vocals 
Berty Burton – Bass and Vocals 
Dave Sanders - Drums and Vocals 


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