“First of all. I would like to remind you that the Anti-Nowhere League were briefly (summer of '82) the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world. I mention this because The City Kids bear more than a slight resemblance to those misanthropic biker cretins on Filth's smashing title track, and they may also be the best band in the world soon.”

Sleazegrinder, Classic Rock Magazine

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“THE CITY KIDS are certainly a band on the up and up, and its well deserved if "Filth" is anything to go by. They have come a long way since "Things That Never Were", with a quantum shift in production values and even the songs themselves, which are strong, fearsome bulldozers of hard rocking riffs, grimy vocals and choruses so good they sing themselves"

Bruce Turnbull, Vive Le Rock Magazine

“This is exactly how rock n' roll is meant to sound; loud, obnoxious, gritty, dangerous, and like it's permanently one  

dirty glance away from getting glassed in the back of the bar. It's perfect.”

Alex Holmes, Backseat mafia 

“THE CITY KIDS are irrepressible, uncontrollable and lovable rogues, who dish out songs of unrefined originality.  

It’s street punk with a dash of ‘Wildhearts’ trash rock and the combination is superb.”

DeeDee, Rock Media UK 

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