I go around adding people to Facebook with the hope of finding that new CD that really grabs my attention. Sometimes, it doesn’t work but this time....... The City Kids are a bit of a supergroup in ways, they all hail from other successful bands and they have come together to create a little piece of magic. JJ Watt (The Main Grains)  states that he had some of these songs kicking around in various states including one he already played live in his normal ‘day job’.  Along with JJ, we have Dennis Post (Warrior Soul), Berty Burton (Tigertailz) and Dave Sanders (Falling Red), these guys have woven their collective talents together, along with guest appearances from Kory Clarke, Traci Guns, Billy Tee and Alex Holmes, they have produced a stellar album. In fact, they did actually produce the album themselves and used Dave Draper to master the recordings. He has worked with The Profession and The Wildhearts so by now, you should be getting some idea of what to expect when you push play.

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