The City Kids Are United

The short-lived (and much missed) blistering career of The Main Grains is possibly responsible for The Wildhearts original line up reforming and then recording 2019’s album of the year, the unsurpassable ‘Rennasaince Men’. The Main Grains initiated (former Wildhearts) bassist Danny McCormack’s musical rebirth after a decade spent in an addiction fuelled wilderness. The upshot was a Main Grains album which led to a support slot with Ginger, Cj and Ritch which led to Danny taking to the stage to perform a trio of songs with his former bandmates. Wounds were patched up, friendships rekindled and ten years of pain was replaced with the possibility of a bold and brighter Wildhearts future. The Main Grains inevitably split as Danny devoted more and more time to the relaunched Hearts. To read our exclusive Danny McCormack interview from 2019 click this link


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